" The ACBA Dancers "

Always entertaining,  often amazing !

Why choose  "The ACBA Dancers" ?

"The ACBA Dancers" are the only professional contemporary Bellydance troupe
in N E Victoria and have been based in Wangaratta since beginning 2010.

Each and every ACBA Dancer has committed to constant training and is dedicated to self-improvement
, ensuring a very high standard of performance every time.

Once "The ACBA Dancers" confirm your booking, they will be there - on time, in costume and ready to entertain without fail.   You have no need to worry about whether or not we'll turn up, whether we are completely ready to perform on time or if there will be any glitches along the way.  We guarantee that everything will be finely tuned, fully prepared and full of fun entertainment.

All our Choreographies are unique, not copied from anywhere or anyone else.    KaZena writes all the Choreos for the Troupe, and some Solo items are choreographed by the individual Performer.    KaZena's constant outpouring of unique new Choreographies ensures that our performances are always fresh, with new numbers being added constantly to our repertoire.    We currently have 9 Troupe Choreos and 1 unique Solo amongst our performances,  with 4 more Choreographies being prepared now.

Our usual Performance booking is for  2 sets of approx 20 min duration, with a 10 minute break half-way for Troupe costume change.  Costume changes are certainly tricky, but we firmly believe that they are absolutely essential in providing a change of pace and a totally different look throughout the programme.    We devise our costuming and music especially to accommodate Troupe and individual costume changes so that our programme is as full of variety as possible.

We love to dance to many different genres of music, which adds greatly to the variety of dances offered with our performances.    Our music ranges from traditional Egyptian right through to Jazz and soft-shoe, so we appeal to audiences of all ages and are never boring!

We also looove costumes!    All our troupe costumes are created by KaZena, with some actually being handmade by our Troupe.   Solo performers have the opportunity of  creating their own costume for their Solo items.  We always present ourselves fresh and clean and  are always dressed very appropriately.    Great care is taken with out appearance, from hair, make-up, jewellery and personal presentation - it takes at least an hour for each of us to get ready!   Yes,  we take our performances very seriously (but have a heap of fun along the way).

"The ACBA Dancers" are all personally trained by KaZena, with particular focus on floor craft and presentation.    They will not disappoint.

Please contact KaZena with enquiries, we are extremely flexible in the style/type of performance and pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any request.